Apotheonic Labs

developing autonomy

This serves as the hub of some widely ranging experiments in advancing the state of the art, without abandoning the lessons of the past. By today's standards, this means it might appear at times like a strange mix of crazed futurism and out-of-date holdouts from past eras, in terms of presentation and principle.

If you're interested in developing concepts of systems autonomy, you've come to the right place. Apotheonic Labs operates on the premise that the ultimate goal of technology enterprise is, and should be, to ensure autonomous control of one's own resources as much as possible while advancing the processes, procedures, and technologies of those resources in the most effective and productive manner. This requires and provides stability, security, and privacy, but at the same time demands attention to the future and, at times, taking chances on that future.

The bigger gamble, of course, is to ignore or fight the future, and suffer the consequences when it comes anyway.